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G'day, and welcome!

Welcome to the store of Chris Johnson, the maestro of mischief and the wizard of whimsy, hailing from the enchanting land down under—Brisbane. When he's not busy dodging drop-bears or guzzling ginger beer, you can find him weaving tales that dance on the edge of reality, embracing the eclectic dance floor of the imagination.

With a pen mightier than a lightsabre, Chris crafts adventure stories that defy the laws of time, flirt with the supernatural, and sprinkle in a dash of horror for good measure. His tales are like a guide, transporting readers to worlds where the extraordinary becomes the new normal.

You can buy his ebooks and paperbacks at all the major online retailers (or get them free from your local library app), or buy on this store to support him directly! Thanks for your support and happy reading!